Book List: May 2019

Our May book list is here. Each month I compile a list of books I recommend as a good read for each Enneagram type ! This blog shares each book with you as well as what I had in mind for each type when I picked their book.

Type 1 - 10% happier - By: Dan Harris

A practice that I recommend for our reformers in general is to start to take your growth expectations down from 100% to 50% - 20% - 10%. Being willing to lean into small tweaks instead of a complete reformation of your habits. 10% happier is focused on helping you to quiet your mind and reduce stress without losing all of your momentum. 

Type 2 - The Artist’s Way - By: Julia Cameron

If I could give every type 2 a gift it would be full permission to romance themselves. I’m not trying to get all fluffy on you here. I just want our twos to take their relationship to themselves very seriously. Spend time sharing kind words with yourself, take yourself out on dates, create something beautiful or just go see a movie in the middle of the afternoon that only you will like. The Artist’s Way is a textbook for those wanting to get in touch with their inner artist. The guidebook for creative time spent alone with ourselves. It’s a must read for all types but this month I’m encouraging it for our 2s! 

Type 3 - Happiness Equation - By: Neil Pasricha

One of the traps that our 3s can get caught in is the belief that there is always more to be achieved. Once one mountain is tackled they then switch their focus on the next mountain to climb. It can take decades to wake up and realize that the mountains never stop coming. The Happiness Equation is the perfect book for 3s to explore what would TRULY make them happy. 

Type 4 - Alive at Work - By: Daniel M. Cable

The workforce can be a troubling home for our individualists. It can be a place that silences feelings, ignores individuality and doesn’t take concerns into consideration. While this book is geared toward leadership making change in their organization, the contents are still relevant for the individual. How to stay connected to your human self while in the workplace and how to help others do the same! 

Type 5 - The World Without Us - By: Alan Weisman

This is  less of a self-help style book & more of a - I think this will be interesting to you - kind of book. The World Without Us covers what would happen to the Earth should humans cease to exist. How would the world change? What would begin to take place? it’s a unique approach to discussions around the changing environment. 

6 - Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics - Dan Harris

The most important piece of advice that I share with our loyalists is to begin a meditation practice and the most common response I receive is, “I tried that and I didn’t like it.” Meditation for Fidgety Skeptics is a playful approach to practical meditation tips and earned Dan Harris two spots on this month’s book list. I believe it will meet our 6s where they are and help to guide you into a practice that could ultimately shift your entire existence. ( no big deal right?) 

Type 7 - Free to Focus - By Michael Hyatt

I’m 90% sure that our 7s know this is for them based off of the title. However, just in case you want more convincing... The enthusiasts of the enneagram can often find life a bit distracting. There are so many things to explore and so much to experience. Free to Focus is designed to help you get more done by doing less. A big practice for our 7s is in the willingness to pair down and focus on what truly matters. This is a great read for you on the journey to simplification and focus. 

Type 8 - Leading with Dignity - By: Donna Hicks Phd

It can seem as if The Challengers of the enneagram come out of the womb with the ability to lead a group. They are powerful in their presence and can truly impact the lives of those that come into their path. A type 8 with incredible leadership skills can truly impact people and organizations for the better. Leading with Dignity covers what it looks like to be an incredible leader and a world full of ethical 8s is one that is changed for the better! 

Type 9 - Changes by Michael Dietrich - Chastain

One of the questions I receive most from Peacemakers is “How do I make change in my life?” Our type 9s can get caught up in the possible discomfort of making the changes they want to make. The book - Changes will help you to ask yourself the right questions and translate that understanding into changed behavior. This book is great for helping you to recognize what is holding you back from making the changes you want to make and then create action steps to see that they come to fruition. 

Sarajane Case